Professional ​

Proactive, Results Driven with 12+ years of agency and broadcast production experience. Aiming to leverage a proven knowledge of managing commitments, monitoring budgets, leading communication efforts, and being a team player successfully. Frequently praised with the ability to multitask and execute foresight in identifying issues before they affect quality. I can be relied upon to achieve goals with enthusiasm and within scope and budget.

Line Producer
Independent Contractor

​2017 - present

  • Successfully produced a high-profile print campaign for Coca Cola’s new slogan involving top leadership with the CEO, while staying on scope of filming over 3 different cities within 3 weeks

  • Managed a Veteran’s print campaign for Lowe’s with multiple associates and the Executive Vice President as our talent

  • Worked through the ideation process to post-production for Coca Cola’s new slogan campaign

  • Successfully managed budgets in AICP format ranging from $30K to $1M+

  • Maintained professionalism with top talent in music, sports, business, and films

Video Producer

​2019 - 2020


  • Successfully managed multiple projects at one time by keeping a tracking calendar of the needs of the various projects, recruit crew, and vendors as well as be financially responsible and efficient of the budget

  • Overcame creative differences by suggesting different equipment that was affordable but still exude a high-level look for the client

  •  Successfully managed multiple low budget projects with a 40%-50% margin

  • Worked with above the line personnel and crew to maintain a calm and safe environment while baby talent was on set

  • Maintained open communication with the client as script and creative changes were worked out on set during filming

  • Worked directly with the client setting up shots and owning the project as the Director

  • Continuous communication in a bi-weekly status meeting to keep necessary creative, account, and project personnel and leadership up to date of all active and upcoming projects

Production Manager
Independent Contractor

​2013 - 2017

  • Managed high-level travel arrangements and accommodations for directors, clients, and high-level talent

  • Easily adjusted to work schedules that demanded limited time and turn around for prep, filming, and post-production

  • Managed the diverse Brawny shoot that featured a woman on the packaging and interviewed a diverse group of women pioneers in various fields of study

  • Successfully managed an SC Lottery project that involved farm animals in a tight location

  • Overcame weather obstacles on a Delta project that halted the city in the middle of a snowstorm

Production Coordinator

Independent Contractor

​2009 - 2013

  • Tight deadlines and limited prep time to execute a project in a seamless manner

  • Excellent written and verbal communication to the crew and the above the line personnel

  • Built the stamina to work overnights, nonstandard work hours, and travel

Production Assistant

Independent Contractor

​2006 - 2019



Listening Skills
Creative Problem-Solving


AICP Budget

Google Docs

Microsoft Sharepoint


Keynote, Excel, Word, Outlook



Video Production


Financial Management


Project Management

Vendor Management


University of Nebraska - Kearney

​2018 - present

B.S. Organizational & Relational Communication

Phi Sigma Eta


​Obtaining my Bachelor's in Organizational Communication through online courses.